Bing Ads

Why should you advertise in Bing?

Bing is preinstalled as a search engine in most computers that use Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Today, this is about 10% who uses Bing as your search engine. Because there are far fewer than those using Google, the competition on Bing is significantly lower, which means that the clicks are usually much cheaper. Therefore, your Google Ads campaign can usefully be complemented with Bing Ads.

Bing Ads works in the same way as Google Ads: You decide what budget you want to spend and what the goal of the campaign should be. We take care of the rest.

Analytics, set and reporting follow the same procedure as for Google Ads. The time we need to spend on setting up a campaign for Bing Ads is, in this context, negligible, as the basic work and analyses are already done in a Google advertisement.

Our search engine experts will be happy to tell you more about how you can get more clicks and conversions by also advertising on Bing.