Display Advertising

Display advertising through Google is to reach the right audience in the right place for a relatively low click cost. We therefore ensure that your company is visible on relevant sites at the right time for your particular target group. This will give you the maximum effect of your advertising through us.

How Display Advertising Works

Google’s display advertising tool is designed to capture potential customers early in the buying cycle, which can be crucial for your advertising strategy. With display advertising can you therefore make different targeting options so that you as an entrepreneur should have the opportunity to follow your strategy. These directions are aimed at finding new or engaging current customers with the help of target groups or, through automation, getting more conversions. The first option is to use target groups that have the greatest potential for a purchase. These audiences can be tuned directly into the Google tool or created from lists of people who may have visited your website. The other alignment means instead that Google develops target audiences based on your existing audiences and landing page. The Google tool therefore learns over time which audience works best for your business.

Use Images to Give Your Company Attention

The display tool has different ad types so that you can attract potential customers’ interest in stylish ads. Here are some examples of these ad types:

  • Responsive display ads. In this ad type, parts of the ad are automated. You add images and text, but then the display tool optimizes the ad for best results.
  • Uploaded ads. Here you can have full control over the ad by yourself, you therefore put up an image ad in the display advertisement.
  • Gmail ads. The ad is displayed at the top of the target groups’ inbox in the mail.

If you want to reach out to your potential customers early in the life cycle, Google display advertising is something for you. We are happy to help your company with this, so that you get the maximum effect out of your ad.