Google Ads

Google has been the leading search engine for 20 years in Sweden and the rest of the world. This because of its high relevans for the users.

Google is indexing all websites so when someone googles on your services or products are your website visible on the hit list. Ranking on your website can be affected with a technique that calls SEO (search engine optimization), read more about SEO here:

Why is Google Ads a good option?

  • You can easily get a top position on Google if you use Google ads.
  • If you have a small local business is Google ads a smart and cost effective why to get new customers on.
  • For bigger companies can this instead be a way to guide customers to your website and your customers are expecting that it is at the top of the list.

Google Ads is helping you with:

  • Inquiries from new customers
  • Gain profit through right search words that reflects your business.
  • Advertise your company, products and services.
  • Collaborate with the sales department to generate leads to your sellers.

We take your business and goals in concern when we create what are needed for Google to be a source of income for your company. We do this through quality assurance through our process:

  • Analyze, analyze of search words, analyze of concurrents and your goals. These are keys for a successful campaign. This so your customers click on your ads and not on your concurrents’. For this to happen great technical knowledge about Google and your website is needed. You also have to have your customers in concern in all cases.
  • Campaign launch. This will be about what differs Google as a money maker and an expense. We create a campaign launch where search words, ads and website collaborates. So when you put effort to the campaign’s structure your result will be really good. We therefore analyze search patterns and click costs to be able to optimize your campaign. This so you reach the highest converting no matter what your goal is to sell shoes or get more downloaded product sheets.
  • Creating ads. As a marketer you always have to have customer’s glasses on you. This to be able to create advertising that is attractive for your customers. We therefore design ads with high relevance but also invites people to click on it.
  • Ongoing optimization. We are focusing on financial ratio that leads to increased sales. Our Google Ads experts only have one task: to make your campaign successful and improves your goals. We are testing all campaigns, search words and landing pages continuously.
  • You will receive a report each month with ratios, so you easily can follow your campaigns success.