Google My Business

Google My Business is the Google business catalogue. Previously, Google called this Google places. By listing the company on My Business together with the information about you, the contact-paths and the services you provide, this appears on Google when you search for you. It also inform your customers about your opening hours and shows a map on your adress.

To Maximize the Benefits of Google My Business, This Is the Basics:

  • Your customers can provide recommendations and reviews about your company and you can also show others that you are a company that cares about their customers. There are a number of different companies where you have to pay to be able to get reviews, we do not like that. By asking your customers to review you on Google and Facebook, you gain organic distribution for free! Don’t forget to answer the reviews.
  • By uploading pictures and videos, you help your brand to spread and strengthen.
  • Like Google Analytics, Google also offers My Business an analysis tool called Google Insights. Here you get valuable information about your customers’ behaviors.