The users on LinkedIn are just getting more and more and therefore it has become increasingly common to advertise there. The positive thing about advertising on LinkedIn is that you as an entrepreneur can target a professional group as a target group. This is of great benefit if your business’s target group are other companies. LinkedIn can therefore be a better alternative than, for example, Facebook in certain circumstances.

How Do We Advertise on LinkedIn?

There are currently three different ways to advertise on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsorship via LinkedIn’s own mail (InMail)
  • Text advertising

Sponsored content is about your content blending into the environment and therefore doesn’t look like an ad for your chosen audience. Potential customers can therefore interact directly through the ad with your company. Sponsorship via InMail is instead when you send personal messages to those your company wants to reach. Messages are sent only if the person in question is active on LinkedIn and this therefore increases the conversion rate. Text advertising is instead when you want to drive traffic to your website or other current landing pages. There are therefore many ways to reach out to your target group via LinkedIn. We therefore help you find the optimal approach for your company.

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