Off Page Analysis

As important as your website is well structured and has relevant text and image content, as important is it that Google should see what others think of your page. Google therefore checks for other websites that link to your site in order for them to rank it.
If Dagens Nyheter writes about your industry and links to your website versus the local football team writes about their sponsors and links to you, the link from Dagens Nyheter will than give more power and a higher ranking because the search engines interpret the link from Dagens Nyheter to your website contains useful information on the subject.

Some Crucial Things to Rank your Website Higher with the Help of Links from other Websites:

  • Get customers and suppliers to link to your website based on relevance.
  • Link to your website by participating in relevant forums on social media.
  • rite about news for your company through press releases.
  • Participate in subject-related forums and link to your website.
  • Use tools to see all pages that link to your page. Through these you can also see if there are pages that give you negative linking power.