How We Work with Websites

Whether you need a refresh of an existing website, a new simple website or an advanced lead-machine, we have the solution for you.

The home page is the display window for your company. Regardless of which industry you operate in, the website is central to your communication with your customers, both new and existing.

Your home page is one of your most important employees, it works around the clock, all year round to answer your customers’ questions. It manages the checkout for those who want to shop. It suggests added value to make your customers even happier. When new employees apply to you, they will enter your website before they send their application. In short: This year’s employee!

We see a strong connection between the companies that are leaders in their industry regardless of whether they are lawyers and accountants or painters and builders. Those who have a good website are often the leading company and those who have a bad one or none at all are those who do not receive any inquiries.

We love WordPress as it is a flexible CMS system that also allows you to easily use, administer and update the page without the need for technical knowledge.

For the more advanced solutions, we also have expertise in .Net and PHP.

A website should be rich in content for users, fast, secure and mobile-adapted. When these factors are achieved, the website will be converting regardless of whether the goal of the website is to download a user manual, buy a wheelbarrow or order a home cleaning.

Landing Page

A good landing page is a prerequisite for succeeding with your SEO work or your Google Ads. But a landing page can also be used to serve your customers for a given need. By having landing pages that guide the customer to a solution to their problem, you can increase conversions.

A well-converted landing page also helps your physical sellers to increase the number of leads by collecting email addresses, requests, downloads, etc.

Landing pages for various purposes such as at trade fairs, launching a new car model or an event means that you do not need to rebuild your website.

Here you can test your website

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