Remarketing is a method that involves re-linking to people who have already integrated with your company on the website. It gives you the opportunity to strategically place your ads in front of your target group so that awareness is increased to your company.

How Does Remarketing Work?

There are several ways to reach out with remarketing and therefore you need to find the type of ad that works for your strategy. This is how we work with remarketing:

  • Standard remarketing. Shows ads your company has made to all those who have integrated with your website.
  • Dynamic remarketing. Here Google knows what your previous visitors to the website have done and what they have shown interest in. Then they advertise to the visitor with the same content that they have noticed.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads. Ads are shown to visitors who have previously visited your website and who are now searching for your company again.

Advantages of Remarketing

Remarketing should always be part of your marketing strategy in advertising, regardless of whether your goal is to increase sales or increase brand awareness. The advantages of remarketing are many:

  • Rapid range
  • Large-scale range
  • Effective pricing
  • Focused advertising
  • Easy to create ads
  • Easy to get campaign statistics

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