HTTPS and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are actually two names of the same thing. It is an encryption of the data sent to and from the website. All websites should use SSL, and if you do not have SSL on your website, we can help you install it. Contact us and we will ensure that your website receives SSL and will be secure within 3 working days!

What is HTTPS and SSL and How Does it Work?

As soon as we do something on the internet, information is sent about what we have done back and forth between the computer, tablet or phone. When uploading an image on Instagram, the image is sent from your phone to Instagram’s database over the internet. When you fill in your name, phone number and e-mail in a contact form and click on “send” it will send the information from the website to the recipient over the internet. Previously, this type of information was sent openly, as well as the websites that do not yet have SSL, which meant that anyone could read that information. All that is required is a computer and the knowledge from a 30 minute guide on Youtube, then anyone can see the information sent back and forth.

It may sound harmless, you have nothing to hide? Take a minute and think about your google searches last month. Do you remember when you filled in your card number to buy a movie ticket, rent a car or order food from ICA?

Almost daily, we leave information about us on internet that we would not stand and scream out in front of thousands of people. With HTTPS and SSL, this has changed and the information is sent encrypted, making it much more difficult for unauthorized people to read them and your information. Give visitors to your website higher keywords and greater integration protection by adding HTTPS and SSL.

Three Advantages of SSL

  • Security for visitors to the website
  • Higher ranking on Google
  • All serious websites have SSL installed

To Install SSL and Rank Your Business Higher on Google

Installing SSL on a website contributes to higher placements in the regular list on Google. Previously, HTTPS was primarily necessary on bankers and e-commerce websites where visitors left information that was important that no one else had to take part. Now most websites collect information and handle much more information than before, and therefore SSL and HTTPS can be counted as the new startup words.

Google wants their users’ information to be secure and therefore rank websites without SSL as inferior. They protect their users’ data by displaying websites in their hit results, which they know are encrypted with HTTPS. By extension, this means that users can feel confident in clicking on a website like one found on Google. Google gets more satisfied customers and thereby earns more money, while at the same time affecting the fact that more websites implement SSL more quickly. They thereby create a safer internet thanks to the fact that websites without SSL get worse placements.

We Help you Get a Safe Website!